COIRGARDEN – Coco Coir Liner For Hanging Basket – 12 Inch

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You can use our coco liner to decorate outdoor or indoor. Fit well and matches your home environment. Just put our coco liner in the basket and fill it with potting soil, water, and your plants. Ideal for lawn, porch, garden, patio, yard, hall, roof, living room, and bedroom decoration.


Each coco liner is 12 inch/30 cm inches  in diameter and 6 inch/15 cm in height. This is a very popular size choice among growers. These coconut liner already have their own circular shape and can be placed in your hanging basket as long as you choose the right size. They are so pretty and well made, make your flower pots or hanging basket look great!


These plant basket mats are made of natural coconut fiber. The coconut fiber lining can keep the soil moist and promote plant growth by saving water and making the roots easy to take water.


Natural coco liners for hanging baskets are the popular choice of gardening enthusiasts and growers . Liner replacement for wall hanging basket can be used for balcony gardens, home furnishings, greening projects, home gardening, wedding decoration and so on.


The thicker cocoa fiber and natural coconut shell layer contains a water-retaining lining. It is the savior of flowers, especially under the influence of sunlight and wind, it can also work perfectly in your hanging pot and retain moisture.


These liners provide healthy water retention in your soil while still providing proper aeration and drainage. This promotes root growth. Coco liners for hanging pots is the popular choice of growers.


These coconut fiber planter replacement liner is tightly weave with 100% natural coco fiber, which have evenly distributed fiber, light and pliable, compared with rubber and plastic materials, they have stronger breath-ability and water retention, make the plant not dry out, you can avoid frequently watering with their help.

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